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  • Automatic free cartridge refills
  • 12 free bonus drinks each month
  • Unlimited beverage customizations
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Cana One $499

  • $99 reservation today
  • $499 for the first 10,000 orders
  • $799 regular price thereafter

Cana Membership $49/mo

  • Unlimited ingredient cartridges
  • Access to beverages at 20% (or more) below grocery prices, $0.29 to $1.99
  • 12 bonus beverages included each month
  • Access to an ever growing catalog of new beverages
  • Free customization of beverages (e.g., more/less sugar, vitamins, flavor)

Alcohol Add On $39

  • Cana One Spirits Cartridge can make 42 alcoholic drinks on average

*$39 per Spirits Cartridge

*Membership required to operate the device

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