The beverage industry is broken

Did you know?

It takes 600 liters of water to make 1 bottle of wine.

It takes 200 liters of water to make 1 glass of orange juice.

The average American household uses over 3,500 beverage containers per year. Less than 20% get recycled.

What if you never bought a bottle or can again?

Cana leverages scientific breakthroughs to clean up our planet – and upgrade our customers’ lives with extraordinary new experiences.

Cana represents the first step in decentralizing manufacturing, bypassing the beverage and bottling industry’s trash-generating and carbon-intensive manufacturing systems.

Exactly how wasteful is today’s beverage industry? Check out these annual stats:

1 Trillion

Bottles and cans used in packaging and only 20% get recycled.

400 Trillion

Liters of water used to grow and process beverage ingredients worldwide

543 Million

Tons of CO2 caused by creating, packaging and shipping beverages around the globe.

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Love science and sustainability? Help Cana revolutionize the beverage industry.

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