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Matt Mahar | Cana CEO

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We have made a lot of progress in the last 182 days and want to share all of it with you.
As heard on inTheir20s

How Cana Will Change How People Consume Beverages

On this episode of inTheir20s, host Landon Campbell interviews Cana CEO, Matt Mahar about his career defining experienc…

InnoBev Selects Cana as Winner of Best Technology Innovation and Finalist for Best New Brand of 2022

Cana, creator of the world’s first countertop molecular beverage printer, today announced it has been named Best Techno…
As heard on Modern CTO

Molecular Beverage Printing with Matt Mahar, CEO of Cana

On this episode of Modern CTO with Joel Beasley, Cana CEO, Matt Mahar joins to discuss how Cana has built a molecular b…
As streamed on Cheddar News

This Beverage Printer is Fighting Waste and Fueling Sustainability

On this episode of Cheddar Innovates, Matt Mahar, CEO of Cana, discusses how the world's first molecular beverage print…

Inside the world's first molecular beverage printer with Matt Mahar of Cana.

On this episode of The Feed, a podcast series from HNGRY, host Matt Newberg chats with Cana CEO, Matt Mahar about creat…
Matt Mahar | Cana CEO

The Beverage Industry is a Silent Climate Killer

By the time you finish reading this article, more than 5 million bottles will have been added to the mountains of wast…

Cana Launches Cana One, the World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer

Cana One prints thousands of beverages on your kitchen countertop – from juice, soft drinks and iced coffee, to hard se…
As Published on URBANDADDY

Cana One Is the "World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer

When contemplating the future, it's pretty easy to picture yourself in a flying car or your brain connected to your dev…
As Published on CNET

The Cana One Beverage Machine Makes Drinks From a Few Drops of Flavor

The average US household consumes thousands of cans and bottles of beverages every year, each one composed of a lot of …
Matt Mahar | Cana CEO

Cana CEO, Matt Mahar, explains how Cana is rebuilding food and beverage manufacturing.

“Plastic doesn't go in the blue bin anymore,” I told my son as we were putting the garbage away that we had collected f…
As Published on TechCrunch

Christine Hall discovers what we mean by the "the future of beverages".

Following nearly four years in the prototype phase, Cana Technology is unveiling what it calls the “world’s first molec…
As Published on Business Wire

A taste of what's to come for Cana.

After three years of research and development, Cana Technology is coming out of stealth with the world’s first countert…
As Published on The Spoon

Michael Wolf talks molecular beverages and the "great decentralization" in food.

In late 2018, food tech entrepreneur and investor Dave Friedberg got together with a few scientists for dinner and drin…
As Aired on This Week in Startups

David Friedberg announces Cana, the first molecular beverage printer.

Dave chats with his "bestie", Jason Calacanis, about the The Production Board, the future of food and beverage producti…
Sonya Herrera covers our latest funding round.

As Published on Silicon Valley Biz Journal

Humanity may have just taken another step toward a 3D-printed future.‍ Cana Technology Inc. has found a way to "print"…
As Aired on The Spoon

Michael Wolf talks with Cana CEO, Matt Mahar, about our molecular beverage printer and what makes Cana so special.

This week, Cana came out of stealth and announced their “molecular beverage printer”, a device the company says will be…
As Published on The Innovator

Jennifer Schenker lists us as one of the 14 most transformative technologies to watch.

A U.S. company called Cana Technology has just raised $30 million in seed funding to “print” juice, coffee, seltzer and…
Matt Mahar | Cana CEO

We're building the future of beverages and want you to join us on our journey.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to tackle one of the most prominent environmental issues facing humanity? Bett…

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