Cana Team

Holiday greetings (and updates) from Cana!

The end of the year is a time for reflection, appreciation, and hope. In the spirit of this, we wanted to share a few exciting updates as we look to enter production in 2023.

December 22, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here at Cana HQ, we are eagerly anticipating 2023 – the year Cana One will reach our first customers. We look forward to a time in the very near future when you can have any beverage you want, any time you want – without the packaging and trash of today’s carbon-intensive beverage and bottling system.

A lot of us at Cana take inspiration from Star Trek, where human beings occupy a post-scarcity society of infinite abundance. Given our love of sci-fi and technology, it’s our nature to look relentlessly forward. But around the holidays, we take a quick moment to reflect on the past – 2022 was a year of unprecedented advances for every aspect of Cana, including:

  • Device progress: We’ve iterated through multiple prototypes, each of which deliver progressively more beverage complexity - from iced coffees to cocktails, sports drinks, carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. We’ve used these prototypes to get invaluable feedback from hundreds of customers, friends and families, brand creators, journalists, A-list celebrities and investors.

  • Science progress: Our scientists continue to molecularize more of the world’s beverages every day. In doing so, they are inventing the tools that will ultimately let you create and personalize beverages that are perfect for you. Most recently we molecularized and recreated a low-sugar black cherry mojito, a Swedish bilberry-inspired caffeinated sparkling water, and a blueberry-orange post-workout hydration drink packed with vitamins B3, B5,and B6. Early in 2023, we will have beta devices with new hardware, software and a vastly expanded catalog, which will closely resemble the production devices that ship to customers later in 2023.

  • Design progress: To fully deliver the power of these breakthroughs, we need a user experience like nothing else on Earth. Each Cana One cartridge will deliver a near infinite catalog of brands that taste great. And you can personalize them with the touch of a button – extra caffeine, low alcohol, more electrolytes, no sugar, or other customizations.

  • Manufacturing progress: 2022 has been challenging for anyone building innovative, new hardware products. Supply chain disruptions, rising component costs and materials supply delays have pushed out our schedule, and we now aim to start our first production runs in the fourth quarter of 2023. We reallocated resources to get Cana One into production as soon as possible. As always, we honor full refunds and hope you are as passionate as we are about a future of infinite choice with minimal waste.

We are hard at work to accelerate the shift to a future of abundance, and we welcome your feedback. Feel free to send questions to or our Discord channel. We are also hiring for several key roles - please apply or help us find great talent.

We look forward to sharing exciting news in our next newsletter in the first quarter of 2023.

Have a Canatastic holiday season!

Team Cana