The universe's first molecular beverage printer

Cana One serves up whatever you want, whenever you want it, without the trash.

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Any beverage

Cana One serves your favorite drinks, including cold brew coffee, sparkling water, sports drinks, sodas, and even cocktails.

Custom made

Turn up the tart. Kill the sugar. Boost the buzz. Personalize your drink with the tap of a button.

Zero Trash

Avoid waste and reduce your carbon footprint while radically expanding your options.

New beverages from people you love

Cana lets creators make delicious beverages. Enjoy drinks designed by Simone Giertz, Emily Sears, Phil Hellmuth, Daniella Monet and many more.

A unique cartridge system

Cana’s Supercart is a single cartridge that holds a precise set of ingredients, dispensed in exact ratios to make thousands of variations: No pods, no powders, no waste.

Cartridges last at least a month. Cana auto-ships refills to your door and recycles used cartridges for you.

Our Impact

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Deliveries start later this year.

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