Josh Godshaw

Senior Associate Scientist

A little about me

When I’m not mixing chemicals in a lab coat, I’m most likely to be found exploring the Bay Area in a (homemade) tie-dye t-shirt. My favorite places include any sunny spot where I can enjoy a sneaky pint, any Asian restaurant where I can enjoy spicy noodles, and any sports bar (my own living room counts) where I can enjoy a big game.

My role here

I work on the chemistry team developing quantitative methods and systems that help us make delicious beverages, bringing together flavor chemistry, sensory science, analytical chemistry and data science.

Why I joined Cana

I joined Cana because I was excited by the opportunity to help build an innovative product that has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry. As part of working toward that goal I get to spend each day exploring my interest in the chemical composition of foods and beverages.

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