Replicating beverages from the molecule up

The beverages we drink are mostly water

Less than 5% of your drink’s ingredients drive its taste and aroma.
Cana identifies and isolates these essential molecules across thousands of your favorite beverages.

Cana decodes beverages, turning them into bits 

We digitize the molecular chemistry of beverages—taste, flavor, mouthfeel, and aroma—to replicate drinks you love, and invent drinks you’ve never heard of.

1 Supercart, infinite drinks

Supercart is a single cartridge that holds a mathematically precise set of ingredients, dispensed in exact ratios down to the microliter.
Our intelligent system is the antithesis of trash-generating “pod” systems.

Pure and safe

Our beverages use conventional, safe ingredients, with the same great taste and nutritional profile as store-bought counterparts.

We’re delivering more options with less trash

Our impact