Cana is reimagining the way the world produces and consumes.

We believe in an abundant future, a future where molecular printers instantly make the things we want to consume. Where more options and more flavors are delivered in more ways with less of an impact on the environment.
an image of mountains of trash

We're starting with beverages

Every year, the world uses 121 million acres of land, 300 trillion liters of water, and 543 million metric tons of CO2 creating and shipping beverages around the globe.

Every minute, 1 million beverage bottles and cans are sold with only 20% ever recycled. This waste has led to massive buildups of trash that disrupt ecosystems, hurt wildlife, and end up back in our bodies as microplastics.

We've found a better way. At Cana, we're building the world’s first molecular beverage printer to bring the beverage aisle to your countertop. And no, this isn't another pod machine. Any beverage, any time, greater convenience, and most importantly, dramatically less environmental impact.

This is our first step. This is the future of beverages.
Help us save the planet.
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