Rethink your drink.

Maximum taste. Minimum waste.

Cana One is the world’s first molecular beverage printer. Any beverage, custom made for you, without the waste.

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$499 for the first 10,000 orders
$899 device price thereafter

Deliveries start 2023

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Cheers to a better way

Everyday favorites

Cana One serves all your daily must have drinks, including cold brew coffee, tea, flavored sparkling water, soda, juice, and even specialty cocktails.

Cana updates its beverage catalog with new brands from partners and creators from around the world.

About beverages

Dial your drink

Boost your juice. Turn up the tart. Kill the sugar. Up the alcohol. All with the push of a button.

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Experience the extraordinary

Take a wine tour, taste 10 cocktails from 10 countries, or sample what’s hot in your neighborhood tonight. Discover drinks that will blow your mind.

How it works

We made it simple

Unique cartridge system

Cana One includes a cartridge with a universal ingredient set – no pods, no powders, no waste.

Delivered to your doorstep

Cana automatically ships cartridges to your door, before you run out. You’ll never need to think about it.

Goodbye, shopping and recycling

Each cartridge lasts at least a month, and Cana recycles all cartridges for you.

Cana vs. the grocery store